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Residential and Personal Organizing

Purchase a Pre-Paid Package and Save:            

  • 5 hours for $250.00 (save $50!) - includes a FREE one hour consultation and 5 hours hands-on organizing 
  • 10 hours for $475.00 (save 75!) - includes a FREE one hour consultation and 10 hours hands-on organizing
  • 20 hours for $950.00 (save $100!)  - includes a FREE one hour consultation and 20 hours hands-on organizing

Or, pay as you go:

  • Initial Consultation:              $ 50.00  (includes one hour consultation & a written action plan)
  • Hands-on Organizing:          $ 50.00 / per hour
  • Shopping for containers:    $ 25.00 / per hour

Schedule a FREE Initial Phone Assessment 

Overview of the Process

FREE Phone Assessment:

Call me and let's find out if I would be a good fit for your organizing needs.

Initial consultation:

You and I will...

  • look at the space you want to organize (either in person or virtually)
  • discuss what is working and what is not
  • review what has contributed to the problem, including any major life changes
  • clarify your goals and priorities for the area


  • You will receive a written plan for your organizing project.  This will be customized for you based on your preferences and priorities. 

If you decide to hire me to help you organize the project:

  • We will sign a contract and schedule the initial session.  
  • I will provide step-by-step guidance and work diligently to help you reach your goal.

During the project:

  • I will support and encourage you throughout the entire process.
  • I will provide you with training and organization skills if desired.
  • I will listen to and incorporate your ideas, concerns, and wishes to the best of my ability.

Upon completion of the project:

  • I will provide you with routines and suggestions to help you maintain your progress.
  • I will follow up to ensure things are going smoothly.
  • Enjoy your newly organized space!

Schedule a FREE Initial Phone Assessment